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Join Us on Sunday Morning!

We offer both a traditional service and a contemporary service. While there are differences in style, both services have at heart the same goal: to glorify God and grow our love for Him. This is why all aspects of our worship services are shaped by the Gospel of Jesus—designed to reflect Gospel truth and spark Gospel living. Check out the FAQ below for more info. And no matter what service you attend, be sure to stop by the Welcome Desk so we can meet you and give you a gift!


Sundays @ 9am // In-Person
Our in-person traditional service follows a more confessional liturgy and regularly includes the Lord’s Prayer, Reformed creeds and catechisms, and a rich collection of classic hymns.


Sundays @ 10:30am // In-Person & Online
While there are still plenty of liturgical elements, our contemporary service includes a mix of more modern worship music and well-known hymns, regularly led by a full band, and incorporates some multimedia elements.

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One Service Sunday

Sundays @ 10am // In-Person & Online
Occasionally throughout the year, we combine both of our services to worship all together for One Service Sunday at 10am. This special service includes a mixture of liturgical elements, modern worship music and well-known hymns, as well as some multimedia elements. 

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Take the Next Step

Want to get connected to Christ Community Church? We have several ways for you to get involved. 

Whether this is your first time or you’ve been coming for weeks and just haven’t taken that next step to get connected, we invite you to swing by the Welcome Desk outside the Sanctuary so we can get to know you and give you a welcome gift. It will also help our leadership staff begin to assist you and/or your family in getting connected!

If you’re looking for the best way to build community, this is a fantastic next step. No matter where you’re located, we have an Engage Group that would love to welcome you in. And there are a variety of men’s and women’s Bible studies available throughout the year as well! Connect with Dave Barfield for more information!

Come learn about our theological beliefs, vision for the church, various ministries, and opportunities to be connected. Whether you just want to learn more or are interested in becoming a member, we’d love to have you. Our next two-part Discover Class is July 19 and 20, 2024. 



Discover CCC  

Take your next step at Christ Community Church and learn more about who we are and what we believe.
Our next two-part Discover CCC Class will meet Friday, July 19 and Saturday, July 20, 2024. 

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We have reserved visitor spaces just for you close to the building outside the main entrance. You’ll see people mingling and chatting when you walk in, so feel free to show up a few minutes early and grab a cup of coffee or stop by the Welcome Desk—that’s where we have your welcome gift, and where you can get a nametag if you want one.

All of your kids, regardless of their age, are welcome to join you for the entirety of both the 9:00am and 10:30am worship services, but we also have some age-specific classes available during the 10:30am service.

Nursery (Infant - 3yrs)

9:00am Service
Our Nursery is currently not open during the 9am service. The Moms and Babies room across from the Kids Wing is available for those who may need to step out with a child during this service. 

10:30am Service
Nursery classes for children 6 months through 3 years are available during the 10:30 service. A Greeter at the Welcome Desk or at the Kids Wing Check-In Desk will assist you in registering your children. Our Kids Wing Greeter will also help you get your children situated with our friendly caregivers.

Learn more about our kids' programming.

Preschool and Younger Elementary (4’s - 2nd grade)

9:00am Service
We do not currently offer Kids Ministry classes during the 9am service. The Moms and Babies room across from the Kids Wing is available for those who may need to step out with a child during this service. 

10:30am Service
Children’s worship is offered for Preschoolers and Kindergarten-2nd graders at the 10:30 service. A Greeter at the Welcome Desk or at the Kids Wing Check In Desk will assist you in registering your child(ren) before the service, and our Kids Wing Greeter can also show you where classes are located in preparation for the kids' dismissal during the service. Preschoolers (4yrs-PreK 5’s) can be dropped off before the service begins. K-2nd graders can join you in the Sanctuary until the Offertory in the middle of the service, after which the worship leader will dismiss them to their teachers in the back of the Sanctuary, who will bring them to their classrooms in the Kids Wing.

Please note: the first Sundays of the month are Communion Sundays, and Kindergarten-1st graders will return to the sanctuary to observe Communion with their families. We ask families to meet their Kindergarten and 1st grade children at the back of the sanctuary after the sermon to have them observe Communion with you. 

Learn more about our kids' programming. 

Older Elementary (3rd - 5th grade)

3rd-5th graders worship together with their families for the entirety of both services. Kids Bulletins are available in the foyer to help kids participate in the service—one for early or non-readers, and one for more confident readers. Learn more about our kids' programming.

Middle and High School (6th - 12th grade)

We do not offer separate middle or high school classes or services on Sunday mornings so that students can participate in the church-wide worship service with their families. Learn more about our Student Ministry.

Whatever you feel most comfortable in. At Christ Community, you’ll see a wide range—some will be in their suits and ties or fancy dresses, and others will be in a t-shirt and shorts. Our focus is Jesus, and He welcomes us as we are.

Just yourself! You’re welcome to bring a Bible, but you’ll have easy access to one in the seats of the Sanctuary if you forget yours or don’t have one. If you attend the first service, we recommend grabbing a bulletin from the Welcome Desk or the table at the back of the sanctuary, which contains the service order, lyrics, and responsive elements.

The choice between attending a traditional or contemporary service ultimately depends on your personal preferences. If you enjoy traditional hymns and responsive confessions, or prefer to look at printed lyrics instead of at a screen, the traditional service may be a good fit for you. If you’re drawn more toward worship music led by a full band and you don’t mind the inclusion of multimedia elements, the contemporary service might be what you prefer. Because the core and central focus of each worship service is always Jesus, it’s not unusual for families or individuals to adjust which service they attend depending on their season of life.

Both the traditional and contemporary services are unified in their common goal: to exalt God’s glory and deepen our love for Him. So the sermon is the same, the passages of scripture woven throughout the services are the same, and both services include things like prayer, confessing sin, celebrating God’s grace, and a closing benediction.

The primary differences involve music, the role of technology, and the amount of liturgical elements (which are things like creeds, catechism questions, and reciting the Lord’s Prayer). The traditional service sticks to classic hymns with piano accompaniment, utilizes only the bulletin for lyrics and liturgical elements, and includes a weekly recitation of the Lord’s Prayer and a confessional creed. The contemporary service contains a mix of well-known hymns and modern worship music led by a full band, utilizes projected slides as well as the bulletin for lyrics and liturgy, and generally incorporates fewer weekly liturgical elements.

It’s possible one of our eagle-eyed members might recognize a new face and come over to introduce themselves, but generally you’re the one in control of how much you’d like to interact with others on a given Sunday. 

The Welcome Desk has a place to sign in and get a nametag, but you can also slip past and take a seat wherever you’d like in the Sanctuary without one. People will be chatting before the service begins and after it ends, but no one’s going to stare and point at you if you’d rather keep to yourself. That being said, we think one of the most wonderful things about Jesus is the way that He creates a place of welcome for those who are new, and so we hope that someday—whether it’s in a few weeks or 6 months—we’ll have the privilege of meeting you and reveling in His heart of welcome together. 


Christ Community Church
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Service Times
Traditional @ 9:00am | Contemporary @ 10:30am

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